CheckUser plugin for Statusnet

Starting with the proof of concept that I posted in May, Laconica with active directory and auto-registration,  I’m now ready to release a more polished plugin package that enables external user authentication for StatusNet. I developed it against  the 0.9.x branch, but it tested fine against 0.8.2.  You can find the project code at Gitorious under CheckUser plugin for Statusnet, the source tree and download link are here.

The plugin hooks into the  StatusNet Event named “CheckUser” and loads user supplied connectors to perform the authentication. Currently the CheckUser event is not part of the StatusNet core. but it can be added by using the included checkuser.patch.

Connectors are php classes that connect to external services for authentication of the user login (nickname/password) and may optionally return enough data that can be used for account registration. They are configured using the entries in the config.php file.  I’ve included four samples to demonstrate how to write and use a connector.

This is used to test the plugin with auto-register and demonstrate the connector class methods. Use any “nickname” and for the password append “mock” to the nickname. example: if the nickname is “test” the password will be “mocktest”.

This plugin will use the native StatusNet functions for authentication. There is no advantage to using this connector other than to demonstrate how to use the connector.

This connector uses the adLdap class from the adLDAP project. I use this in production on our Intranet.

Another Ldap connector using the Pear Net Ldap2 extension. This code was based on the original patch from here and here.


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