I am a programmer by practice. The short history begins with learning BASIC on the VIC-20 in 1981. I wrote my first programs for the Sanyo CP/M computers then used Turbo Basic on DOS pc’s. By the end of the 80’s I was writing PC utilities to communicate with mid-range systems via RS-232/422 and using 3270 emulation API’s. I also had a couple of years using JCL on the Honeywell/Bull DPS-6 and a little COBOL, very little.

During the early 90’s I rewrote most of my Turbo Basic utilities using Borland’s Turbo Pascal learning some object oriented programming along the way. There was a college class on C in there somewhere, but I never used it. My first website was in 1996 it was ASP on IIS 2.0 and by 1998 I was developing Cold Fusion applications.

I had started using Perl for server side utilities in the late 90’s and then started using it for web applications by 2000. The Perl and ColdFusion applications began migrating to PHP around 2003, although there are still some ColdFusion(v 4.5) apps running.

The big shift came in 2002 when I started using Linux as my primary workstation environment. Since then I have focused on using open source and open standards whenever applicable. Rather than developing “in-house” solutions I will first seek out an open source project and if it fits I will build a solution around the project and contribute back with bug fixes and enhancements.


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